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A Fun & Competitive Chess Club

A unique chess club for kids. This is a family friendly club with community members of all ages, but our heart and soul is children! Children and their families, and our local communities who love and appreciate the game of chess.

Chess Team is for Scholastic K-12.


This is a family friendly chess club. Fostering a love of chess that can be shared with friends and family for a lifetime. We are a real life club with an online extension to feed the love of chess!

We have Scholastic Chess Teams for kids: K-12. Our team is a pool of kids from several local communities. We are not a school based team, but kids from the same school can play as a school-based team. Some team tournaments require teammates to be from the same school, but some don't.

We host Library Chess Time in Holliston at our Public Library, monthly during the school year.

We have Newbies Chess Classes for the totally new, or budding chess aficionado! And will add more Junior Chess Classes and clinics as we grow.


Holliston, Massachusetts


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