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Playing Tournaments

Things to Know!

Tournament Chess has 2 general modes: Fun/Unrated, and Official Rated Tournaments. This is the place to find quick references that cover everything from what to expect, what to do if you have a question during your game, special moves and their rules, how points are scored, is it a knock-out, round robin, or other system of play, when is my move over, etc. The rules for Official Rated Tournaments are more extensive. The official rule book for chess is recommended to keep up on any rule changes. These references will indicate whether or not official tournament rules differ.


Our Story

Here at the Funky Owls Chess Club, we provide more FUN competitive experiences geared at casual players. From social-casual games during our Chess Time events, to focused skills competitions during Challenge Time events, to the Funky Owls Cup Tournament Series "fun" tourney (unrated but final round will group players by score for more balanced competition). Medals, Trophies, and other prizes based on scope of tournament/competition.

Club Membership will make these various competitive experiences free.

  • Level 1: Free RSVP to Chess Time

  • Level 2: Free RSVP to Chess Time & Challenge Time

  • Level 3: Level 2, plus Tourney Time (Funky Owls Cup Series, and others).

  • Team: Level 3, plus MACA and USCF membership for official tournament players.

Our Clients

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